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  • Add-On Donation

You've probably noticed that, since the Coronavirus pandemic began, I've been sewing more than I've been embroidering! I started making masks for my family after cloth face mask use was recommended by the CDC as a way to reduce community spread of COVID-19. Friends and family started asking for masks, and from there I began sewing them in larger quantities to offer here.

Since then I've made over 700 masks, and counting. I've sold some, donated some, and given some away to those who need them. As cases in the US continue to rise and marginalized communities continue to be those most affected by the virus, I remain committed to donating masks to those who might not have the means to purchase them. Making masks to donate to my community and beyond is one way I can use my strengths and skills to (hopefully) help people during this difficult time.

Your donation will help me purchase materials to continue making masks to donate to those who need them, and is so appreciated! I usually try to share details about where I'm donating masks on Instagram, but please feel free to reach out if you have questions about my current donation efforts!