My Domestika Course

I made an embroidery course for Domestika! You can sign up here!

Learn my favorite method for creating hand embroidered patches so you can transform your wardrobe!

Embroidered Patch

From Domestika: 

Transform a word or phrase into a wearable piece of art by learning to make fun, colorful hand-embroidered patches inspired by typography

Through embroidered artwork we can make our environment more beautiful while expressing ourselves and our personalities. Fiber and textile artist Cristin Morgan specializes in hand embroidery and using thread and color to create vibrant pieces that make a personal statement. Her work has featured in several publications including The Strategist, Martha Stewart, and Better Homes and Gardens. She also teaches workshops and produces patterns and kits for her own brand and for others.

In this course, learn to hand embroider a word or phrase to create an original patch. Explore stitching techniques, how to transfer a design onto material, and ways to apply embroidery methods to different objects and projects. Personalize your world with hand embroidery.